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This was interesting and weird, really enjoyed every second of miss-click.

This was beautifully done. My only gripe, you gotta hook us up with that ost. That guitar was amazing, and I want to listen to it again, and again.

Dapello responds:

Thank you for your kind words. I have included in the credits a link to my Soundcloud where you would be able to download the track .
Again, thank you.

Vinny, what have you done...

Aside from that, a lot of this was beautifully done. Wish I saw some of the "Thit on my couch Douglath! ", but overall, love this. Good job guys.

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This is pretty good, Really enjoy the vibe, feels really fun. Keep at it :)

This is really beautiful! Everything is meshed together very well. Very nice and chill. As a loop, all you have to do is make literally a slight adjustment, and it'll be perfect.

Elvisonte responds:

Okay, thanks, I'll take it into account, I value your comment.

I think you had something interesting going on; the only advice I would have to give you is to keep at it, and think you'll be making some really nice stuff in the future.

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wow, this is just an amazing piece of work. Great line work, and just such an amazing expression. have a spiritual free drink of your choice on me

DenXVII responds:

Thanks ! ;D

Trippin', sippin', and want this to be real. Nothing will bring me more joy than a clown with glowing organs. Fantastic.

Love how I make a review about "Ride the train to improve town", and then you have this made. I really must be some kind of pretentious asshole, aren't I? Anyways, I don't usually do HARDCORE reviews, but I feel like I was flopping my opinion cock around and not realizing you already have a good amount of skill. You got it dude, give er' all you got.

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